What is Alcohol?
Alcohol is the oldest and most widely used drug in the world. Nearly half of all Americans over the age of 12 are consumers of alcohol. There are a estimated 10 to 15 million alcoholics or problem drinkers in the U.S. with more than 100,000 deaths each year related to alcohol.
The drinkable form of alcohol is ethanol. It is a powerful, addictive, central nervous system depressant produced by the action of yeast cells on carbohydrates in fruits and grains. There are three basic alcoholic drinks: Beer, wine and Liquor
Signs and Symptoms

Alcohol use and intoxication:
• Smell of alcohol on breath
• Euphoria
• Unsteady gait
• Slurred speech
• Slowed thinking
• Depression
• Blackouts

Alcohol withdrawal
• Tremors
• Agitation
• Anxiety and panic attacks
• Seizures
• Elevated blood pressure
• Hallucinations

What are the dangers of alcohol abuse?
Brain damage, liver disease, kidney damage, GI disorders, immune disorders, can cause birth defect and have serious implications if used during pregnancy

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