What is Heroin?

• Heroin is a morphine derivative that was first synthesized in 1874; it was first widely used in medicine in the early part of the 21st century until the addictive potential was recognized.
• Heroin has many street names including: smack, horse, H, junk or scag. It is the most commonly abused narcotic.
• Heroin is generally injected or inhaled. It can be mixed with tobacco or marijuana and smoked in a pipe or cigarette
• Many heroin abusers also abuse other drugs in conjunction with heroin

Consequences/Effects of Heroin use on an Individual
• Dry itchy skin/infections
• Constricted pupils
• Dependence/addiction
• Respiratory paralysis
• Slow or irregular heart beat
• Reduced sex drive
• Death form accidental overdose

What is the behavioral impact of a Heroin addiction?
• Generally devastating
• Incapable of concentration, learning and clear thought
• Indifferent to consequences
• Antisocial
• Self-destructive behavior
• Illegal behavior to support habit

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