The Huntsville Clinic Inc. offers two medications that assist in treating individuals with an opiate dependence.

Methadone: Is a synthetic narcotic, or pain mediation which was developed in Germany during World War II. However, due to scientific advancement it si now used primarily as a treatment for opiate dependence.   It relieves withdrawal symptoms and curtails the desire to use illicit drugs such as heroin, oxycontin, hydrocodone and other prescription pain killers.

Buprenorphine/Suboxone: are medications approved for the treatment of opiate dependence. Both medicines contain the active ingredient, buprenorphine hydrochloride, which works to reduce the symptoms of opiate dependence. The difference between the two drugs is that Suboxone contains naloxone which helps guard against misuse. Only drugs approved by the FDA to treat opioid dependence in the office-based setting.

Neither medication is a cure, but they do allow an individual time to become a responsible human being and join society by establishing a normal lifestyle. The treatment is beneficial both to society and the individual. Society is protected in that the individual no longer has to partake in illegal activity to support a daily drug habit. Treatment helps the individual by allowing the opportunity to stop illegal activities and high risk behaviors that lead to disease.